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20 Top Pharma Brands Will Explore The Latest Powerful & Compliant Social Media Strategies At Europe’s ONLY One-Day Pharma Social Media Event! Live Streaming Option Available.

Drive Engagement, Value & Profits With Compliant & Impactful Pharma Social Media Strategies: Compelling, Compliant, Insight-Driven Customer Engagement Strategies For Patients, HCPs, Internal & External Stakeholders • Forward-Thinking, Multi-Channel Social Media Strategies & Energising Digital Technologies • Performance Benchmarking With Robust Measurement Strategies To Secure Internal Buy-In, Investment & Support. Download The Brochure Here. @PharmaConf

5th Annual Event! One-Day, Brand-Led, European Conference & Networking Event, 10th September 2020, Asia House, Central London. PLUS! Live Streaming Option Available.

20 Leading Pharma Brands Reveal Insights Into Winning Patient & HCP Engagement, Keeping Up With The Latest Trends, Converting Customer-Centric Content Into Measurable Results, Compliantly Targeting Key Audiences & Navigating Industry Regulations To Drive Innovation & Gain Stakeholder Backing

  1. Fuel Growth With Customer-Centric, Profitable Social Media Strategies: Elevate social media performance across every channel, campaign and platform
  2. Forward-Thinking Tech & Hot Digital Trends: Couple new technologies with social media to better engage patients, HCPs and stakeholders
  3. Regulations – Navigate Boundaries To Remain Compliant: Produce creative, engaging and impactful social media content and campaigns within the code
  4. Inform, Support & Engage Patients With Social Media: Patient-centric social media activities to boost engagement and generate interaction
  5. Targeted, Influential HCP Engagement: Resonate with HCPs on social media to drive interaction and servicing
  6. Actionable Customer Insights & Engagement: Leverage customer data and insights for targeted social media strategies with the customer at the centre
  7. Reprogramme Risk-Averse Mindsets To Achieve Internal Buy In: Counter internal resistance to unlock the power of social media throughout the business
  8. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - Channel Deep Dives: A closer look at the highs and lows of each channel and crafting strategies to take each platform to its pinnacle of performance
  9. Measure Impact, Prove Value: Robust measurement tactics to evaluate the strategic impact and bottom-line results
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