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Onalytica are an award-winning Influencer Marketing SaaS business connecting brands and influencer communities to help brands create better content for their target audiences around the world. Onalytica’s software enables brands to Identify, Activate and Manage influencers and then measure their impact against business outcomes. Our clients have seen up to 5X reach, engagement and demand gen with their target audience by integrating industry influencers into their content and event strategies.

Onalytica has developed a proprietary algorithm to rank individuals and brands based on their ‘topical authority’ – this algorithm looks at engagement but also considers who the engagement is from. The key questions & challenges we help Marketers answer are:

  • Who are my relevant influencers?
  • How many influencers do I need to engage?
  • How do I engage them organically?
  • What content can I create with them?
  • How do I measure success?
  • How do I run an Influencer Marketing program?
  • How can I scale and structure influencer marketing and connect it to PR, ABM, Employee Advocacy, Events and Content Marketing activity?

Influencer Marketing is an immature and fast evolving category and we see it as our mission to educate and empower marketing and comms professionals to successfully engage influencers and then scale and structure this effective strategy into Business as Usual activity.

Tangerine Communications

Tangerine is a specialist creative comms agency that helps brands solve problems, think differently, be more influential and connect with people. We apply our story-telling and communications expertise across all digital and social media, combining strategic thinking with creative content to change the way people think and behave on and offline.

The Magic

We know every brand has a sweet spot. A place where all the stars align to make your story, relevant, interesting and influential. But our magic formula for finding it isn’t that magical. We get to know you, your business and your pain points. We study your audiences and we analyse your market. And we use this to develop a solid strategy that will deliver real business benefit.

The Human Factor

Insights are vital when it comes to developing long-term strategies and making social media work hard for your brand. But in a world where people are increasingly unpredictable and trends change continuously, when it comes to the day-to-day, it can be dangerous to rely on even the most recent data. What makes our approach special is that we learn, minute by minute, by listening to what customers are saying, watching how they behave and analysing how they interact with your brand and the content we’ve created.

In-Play Analysis

We use this real time insight to adapt our strategies, inform our creative approach and improve the performance of our material. This flexible approach means that we can capitalise on emerging trends and changing behaviour quickly to make your brand as engaging and influential as possible.

This ethos feeds into everything we do and means that our campaigns push boundaries, work harder and really impact the bottom line.

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