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Social Media Results ConferencePractical Strategies, Maximum Impact

Next-Level Social Media Strategies For Impressive Results, Engagement & Impact: New Insights & Quick-Win Advice For Stand-Out Social Media Content & Video & Cost-Effective, Future-Proofed Platform Strategies Which Deliver Measurable Impact, Long-Term Engagement & Boosted Brand Presence

08.30 Registration & Coffee, Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction & Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Ben Thompson
Global Marketing Director
Merlin Entertainments Groupmerlin


09.20 Stop The Scroll & Encourage The Click With Innovative, Adaptable Content Strategies Which Tap Into Audience Mindsets To Deliver Brand-Boosting, Stand-Out Social Media

  • Understanding audience preferences and interests to deliver relevant, relatable content which positively and actively engages your followers
  • How are social media moments, stories and time-limited content changing social media content planning
  • Harnessing user-generated content and advocacy to deliver cost-effective content and drive engagement
  • Determining the best type of content to use for different outcomes - what is really adding the value?

Hannah Ballantyne
Lead Social Media Manager
Nationwide Building Society


09.40 Cutting Through The Numbers To Determine Which Social Media Activities Really Add Value For Successful Future Channel, Content & Engagement Strategies

  • Video duration, completion rates, opens and post consumption – breaking down the jargon to create one solid picture of your multi-platform social media performance
  • Examining the best KPIs, metrics and performance objectives to set to measure engagement, ROI and overall success
  • How do you attribute value to individual social media channels or content? Evaluating the data that is available per social media channel and what it tells us about performance
  • Closing the loop with data-led campaign management to inform future campaigns and ensure they secure buy-in and pack a punch

Speaker To Be Announced, Please Check Website For Updates


q&a10.00 Best-Practice, Front-Line Advice To Interpret Results, Attribute Spend & Refine Social Media Strategies

  • Measurement suite selection processes: how do you ascertain the best analytics tools to fit your organisation, social media activities and budget?
  • How do you translate the mass of information at your fingertips into realistic, proactive social media plans to decide future strategic direction and actions?
  • Best-in-class measurement metrics to prove engagement, ROI and overall success?

John Atkins
Social Media Analyst & Emerging Platforms Advisor

Justin Clark
Head of Social
Transport for Greater Manchester


10.20 Social Media In Practice!

Helga Eriksson
Global Content & Social Media Manager
Maersk Line
maersk line

10.40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.10 Crafting Quality Social Media Engagement Which Grabs Audience Attention To Win & Retain Customers

  • Methods to develop online rapport through your social media platforms which grab attention, generate more traffic and expand your company profile
  • What do video views, drop-offs, likes and shares actually mean for your engagement and retention strategies?
  • How can you keep your social media fresh and your audience entertained and target and re-engage when interest is waning?

John Atkins
Social Media Analyst & Emerging Platforms Advisor


11.30 Natural Born Killers: Millennials On Social Media

Sam Mooney
Head of Social Media
Ministry of Sound Group

11.50 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. Can you help organisations take their social media strategies to the next level? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email partner@socialmediaresultsconference.com


q&a12.10 Lean, Effective & Fit-For-Future Platform Strategies Which Integrate Established & Emerging Channels To Maximise Impact & Deliver Optimised, Targeted Engagement

  • Defining the optimal platform mix for your business, products and customers: attributing value per channel - do they all have a justified place in your social media suite and how can you become leaner and more efficient?
  • What kinds of usage patterns and audience changes are we seeing across different channels as people and channels age?
  • Leveraging the strengths and weaknesses of different social media platforms for different audiences and demographics: tweaking and tailoring your strategies for optimised, targeted engagement
  • Weibo, ooVoo, AR, VR, Mobile, Apps; which upcoming channels, platforms and technologies are on the horizon - and here to stay?

Yolanda Valery
Head of Social Media Team
BBC World Service

Lauren Smith
Social Media Manager

Josephine Fawkes
Director of Marketing & Communications - Saïd Business School
University of OxfordUni of Ox

Jake Newbould
Digital Marketing Executive
Mamas & Papasmamas & papas

James McManus
Social Media Manager
BT Sport
BT sports

Nik Shelton
Social Media Manager
Anglian Wateranglian water


12.40 Join one of our interactive workshop-style platform streams with focused, platform-specific discussion, lessons learnt and advice on the latest updates

A) Instagram

  • Insights into how to cut through, engage and retain your Instagram followers
  • Which content and hashtags work well on Instagram, Instagram Stories and Instagram Live?
  • Keep pace with the algorithms to ensure your posts achieve maximum visibility
  • Measure your Instagram performance, how do you get accurate analytics to determine campaign and content effectiveness?

Catherine Carey
Senior Content Producer

B) Twitter

  • What should brands be doing to maintain and build brand engagement via Twitter?
  • Upping your hashtag game to target and attract the right audiences
  • What is the future for Twitter? Will it continue to be an engagement tool?

C) Facebook

  • From algorithm changes, metrics and reporting: what are the most up-to-date tactics for Facebook?
  • Advice for problem resolution with Facebook themselves
  • What is the long-term role of Facebook Live and messenger?

D) Snapchat

  • Creating content tailored to amuse and entertain the Snapchat audience
  • Best-in-class Snapchat management advice
  • What delivers results and how to determine Snapchat success?
  • Advice on implementing Snapchat when restricted on time and resources

13.00 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners


13.40 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Younger Audiences

  • How to speak to a younger demographic on social media in a way which generates authentic brand engagement
  • Which channels are younger people gravitating towards and how can brands operate on them?
  • What content grabs, and holds, their attention?

Catherine Carey
Senior Content Producer

B) Customer Service

  • How to manage and monitor your social media as a customer service channel
  • How to measure customer feedback and sentiment?
  • What are acceptable and expected response times?
  • The best channels and content to use for effective customer servicing

Justin Clark
Head of Social
Transport for Greater Manchester

C) Crisis Management

  • How do you manage a crisis via social media?
  • Fit-for-purpose emergency planning strategies and contingency plans
  • Coming back from a crisis to rebuild trust and brand reputation

Iain G. Morrison
Chief Marketing Officer
University of Greenwichuni of gren

D) Platform Management

  • Is there a one-size-fits-all management system out there (at a reasonable cost)?
  • Uniting social media measurement and management for an integrated overview and control at your fingertips

Darren Jones
Studio & Social Media Manager
Post Office
post office

14.00 Co-Chairs’ Afternoon Opening Remarks

Ben Thompson
Global Marketing Director
Merlin Entertainments Group


14.10 High-Quality, High-Impact Video Content Which Captures Attention & Promotes Authentic Engagement

  • Video tips for non-videographers: what are the quick, simple and effective wins which will drive engagement?
  • Exploring the types of video which have the best appeal - raw vs. edited, captions, shorts, audio; what is it that consumers are responding to today?
  • Advice on creating sharable video content which works across many different media
  • What is the future for Live?
  • How do you measure video engagement across different channels?

Seamus McCauley
Head of Comms
Holiday Extrasholiday extra


14.30 Boost Engagement With Brand-Building Content Which Won’t Break The Bank

Advice on creating high-quality content with low production costs to deliver top notch, sharable content which gets people talking - and buying! What are some budget-friendly technologies, tools and tips for likable, entertaining and effective posts, video, imagery and audio?

Chris Hosker
Social Media Manager
The Children’s Societychildrens society


14.50 Social Media Tactics To Implement Tonight!

Lukasz Zelezny
Head of Organic Acquisition


15.10 Best-Practice Advice & Quick-To-Deploy Tactics To Give Your Social Media Strategies & Campaigns That Little Boost When You Are Tight On Time, Budget & Resources

There are a kaleidoscope of simple – but effective – tips and tricks out there that can have real impact and drive engagement. Hear our panellists share practical, affordable but innovative ideas to return to the office with. How can brands take advantage of free tools, social media tricks and digital tech innovations?

Priya Kumar
Head of Content & Social Media
Jack Willsjack wills

Richard Bassinder
Social Media Manager
Yorkshire Building Society GroupYBS

Cheryl Hughes
Brand Digital Manager

Chris Hosker
Social Media Manager
The Children’s Societychildrens society

Kenon Man
Head of Digital Marketing
Swansea Universityswansea uni

Stephanie Hendries
Social Media Manager

15.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Partner. Can you help organisations take their social media strategies to the next level? For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0) 20 3479 2299 or email partner@socialmediaresultsconference.com

16.00 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.30 Overcoming The Challenges Of Building & Maintaining Effective Brand-Influencer Partnerships With Next- Level Collaboration Strategies For Exceptional Social Media Engagement & Results

  • How do you target, reach and engage the right influencers who will benefit your brand - and maintain a positive, long-term relationship?
  • Making the most of the collaboration with meaningful content which still delivers quality and authenticity
  • What is the ROI of a brand-influencer relationship and how can you prove the worth of the association?

16.30 Perspective 1

Iain G. Morrison
Chief Marketing Officer
University of Greenwichuni of gren

16.50 Perspective 2

Hollie Heffernan
UK Senior, Social & Content Manager


17.10 Keeping Pace With Evolving Paid Social Media To Optimise Ad Spend & Ensure Post Visibility & Maximum Engagement

  • How is the future of paid social evolving as channel preferences, algorithms and consumer reactions change?
  • Make the most of changing algorithms to confidently and correctly allocate your ad spend
  • Determining the performance and ROI of paid social media across several channels and campaigns - how do consumers respond to sponsored or promoted posts and are they worth the spend?
  • Considering how paid social media strategies vary across different products or services categories
  • As algorithms change, is paid the only route to consistent effective social media marketing?

Cheryl Hughes
Brand Digital Manager

17.30 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. For more information on how to get involved in The Social Media Results Conference, please email info@socialmediaresultsconference.com or call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299.